Fabulous Quadgrow Reviews

Been using my Quadgrows for 2 years now and the tomato crop has been superb. The crop has been outstanding with perfect tomatoes with no blossom rot or splitting.

I have 4 Quadgrows, and have 16 tomato plants happily producing mountains of excellent fruit. the vines have grown so long in the polytunnel that they are arched across and attached to the opposing plant pointing to the floor and one of two plants are nearly 10 feet long. Considering buying another polytunnel and 4 more Quadgrows next year - Ah. The fruits of success.

The difference is clear, bumper crops from healthy plants and watered to perfection.

The Quadrow is a great addition to the gardeners armoury. Time saved on watering means more worry free holidays, and healthier plants. The service from Greenhouse Sensation is first class, the products well made. Thanks Guys. 

Bought 2 tomato planters and had the best crops ever still picking into October. 

I got 3x more tomatoes on each Quadgrow plant than on normal plants so I‘m putting 4 in this year and I may put 4 cucumbers in another as well.

Quadgrow addict I like to grow as much as possible in my courtyard and I've bought several Quadgrows and Chilligrows. What amazing products. For the first time I've been able to achieve bumper harvests and don't have to water the plans every day. They even take care of the nutrients. The Gardening 'angels' are just that! They've answered a myriad of my beginners questions. Delivery is always prompt and the products themselves are great with clear instructions and everything you need to get started even including nutrients for healthy plants.

Streets ahead of tomatoes grown the conventional way I was Intrigued when I first read about your quadgrows and like a lot of gardening equipment didn’t think it could possibly be as good as you claimed. However, having just purchased a new greenhouse thought I would give it a try anyway. That year my tomatoes and peppers grown in the quadgrow were streets ahead of those grown in my conventional way, in bottomless pots. I found them so easy to use solving all my watering problems and giving me the best crop I could remember with little effort.

Greenhouse Sensations quadgrows have been monumental in our huge yield of 7 Pots this year.